Takai Lab

Lab Album

Prof. Hirotomo Nishihara

Prof. Hirotomo Nishihara from AIMR, Tohoku Univ. visited our group and gave a lecture.

Graphene Book!

Graphene: Preparations, Properties, Applications and Prospects written by Prof. Takai has been published by Elsevier.

Visiting Research by Ms. Ekaterina Osipova

Ms. Ekaterina Osipova from St.Petersburg State Institute of Tecnology joined in our group as an internship student.


Prof. Takai, Mr. Obata, Mr. Nakamura gave presentations in APS in Boston.

Visiting Research by Mr. Yusuf

Mr. Yusuf Wicaksono from Osaka Univ. stayed in our group for his visiting research.

JSPS-RFBR bilateral collaboration projec

Prof. Alexander Baranov with his four colleagues from ITMO Univ. in Russia visited our group in the framework of JSPS-RFBR bilateral collaboration project.

Farewell Party for Dr. Osipov

Farewell party was held for Dr Vladimir Osipov who worked in our group as Visiting Researcher.

Yangzhou Zhao as Ph D. student

Yangzhou Zhao joined in our group as a PhD student in IIST course of Hosei University.


MRS fall meeting at Boston


ICMM at Sendai

Ananda Farewell Party

Farewell Party for Ananda. He moved to Prof. NicoVoelker's Lab at Univ. South Australia.

Prof. Ko WeonBae

Prof. Ko WeonBae from Sahmyook Univ. in Korea visited our lab.

Fedor Farewell Party

Farewell Party for Dr. Fedor, continuing collaboration between Hosei Univ. & Ioffe Inst.


Ananda joined in our group as Visiting Researcher from Indian Institute of Science Education & Research.

Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremony for Master & Undergraduate students


PacifiChem2015 at Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr. Osipov

Dr. Osipov will stay at our group for 1.5 months from Ioffe Physical Technical Institute in Russia.

Lab trip

Lab trip to SPA resort Hawaiians in Fukushima.


BBQ at Odaiba, bay-area of Tokyo


Nanotube conference 2015 at Nagoya

Welcome Fedor

Welcome party for Dr. Fedor from Ioffe Physical Technical Institute of Russia


New Diaond and NanoCarbon Conference at Shizuoka

Lab trip

Lab trip to Karuizawa


Interview for leaflet of Faculty


Lab BBQ at Koganei Park near our campus